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Upgrade your gaming server with the innovative ESX Scoreboard script. Customize your server’s logo effortlessly, track real-time player data, and enhance player engagement. This user-friendly script displays online player counts, job statuses, player IDs, and even phone numbers, providing valuable insights for server management. With the ESX Scoreboard, you can create a professional and immersive gaming environment while offering personalized support to your players. Elevate your server’s performance and experience the power of the ESX Scoreboard today.

ESX Scoreboard | Scoreboard Script for Fivem.

Introducing the revolutionary ESX Scoreboard, a cutting-edge script designed to enhance your gaming experience. This new and unique scoreboard brings many exciting features to your server, putting you in complete control. With this script, managing your players has always been challenging.

One of the standout features of this script is the ability to change your server’s logo effortlessly. Whether you want to showcase your community’s branding or give your server a fresh new look, the ESX Scoreboard allows you to customize the logo with just a few clicks. Make a lasting impression on your players from the moment they join.

Keeping track of your online players is crucial for any server owner, and This excels in this area. It displays real-time information about the number of online players, giving you an instant overview of your server’s population. You can also view essential details such as job statuses, player IDs, and even phone numbers. Stay informed about your players’ activities and provide personalized support when needed.

With the ESX Scoreboard, you can optimize the management of your server by easily monitoring player engagement and ensuring a smooth gaming experience for all. By prominently displaying key information, such as online players and their status, the scoreboard promotes a sense of community and camaraderie among your players.

This script has been meticulously designed with the needs of ESX server owners in mind. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it accessible to novice and experienced administrators. Enhance your server’s professionalism and engage your players like never before with the powerful ESX Scoreboard.

Features :

  • logo change
  • show online players, job status, id and phone number
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