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Introducing the Fivem K9 Script—an impressive and user-friendly script designed specifically for FiveM roleplaying servers. Enhance your gaming experience with customizable features such as giving your K9 a unique name, multiple animations, and the ability to attack targets. Whether your K9 follows you, stays in place, or is put in a car, this script ensures seamless gameplay. With realistic audio elements like barking, immerse yourself in a truly engaging atmosphere. Need help? Explore the comprehensive instructions provided. Get the ultimate Fivem K9 Script now!

Fivem K9 Script | Esx K9 Script for fivem Attack a target

Additionally, allow me to introduce the Fivem K9 Script—an impressive and user-friendly script crafted specifically for FiveM roleplaying servers. This script enhances your gaming experience by providing a range of exciting features centred around a loyal K9 companion. With its easy-to-use interface and extensive functionality, this script allows you to customize and control your K9 partner fully.

One of the standout features of this script is the ability to give your K9 a unique name, personalizing your interaction with your faithful companion. Additionally, you can choose from various animations for your K9, adding depth and realism to your gameplay.

Regarding engaging with targets, the Fivem K9 Script offers two dynamic options. You can command your K9 to attack the player directly in front of them or select a specific target for the K9 to confront. This versatility ensures that you have complete control over your K9’s actions and can adapt to different scenarios within the game.

Furthermore, you can decide whether your K9 should follow you or remain in a specific location. This allows for strategic positioning and ensures that your K9 is always by your side or stationed where needed. If the situation requires it, you can quickly call your K9 back to your side, ensuring their safety and enabling swift responses to change circumstances.

Transportation is also a breeze with the Fivem K9 Script. You can place your K9 in a car, allowing for convenient mobility while maintaining its presence and readiness. This feature enables you to navigate the game world efficiently without compromising the bond between you and your loyal K9 companion.

Lastly, the script incorporates realistic audio elements to enhance the immersive experience. Your K9 can bark on command, adding an authentic touch to your interactions and creating a genuinely engaging atmosphere.

Features :

  • Easy to use
  • Give your K9 a name
  • Multiple animations for your K9
  • Attack a target (you can choose between the K9 attacking the player in front of him, or the player you’re selecting)
  • The K9 can follow you, or stay in a specific place
  • The K9 can be called back to you
  • The K9 can be put in the car
  • The K9 can bark
Need Help?

These instructions should have addressed any confusion you had regarding Fivem K9 Script, however if this hasn’t done so please use the bottom menu (or the contact) for more thorough explanation. For any items related to this script visit FIVEM SCRIPT


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