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The FiveM Scoreboard is a lightweight script that provides an efficient and user-friendly interface. It allows you to easily monitor player pings, with color-coded indicators based on their connection quality. The scoreboard can be opened effortlessly using the Dpad Up or F10 buttons, making it controller-friendly. This script leverages the power of QBcore Mechanic Script to enhance functionality, reliability, and performance. Experience a seamless and visually appealing scoreboard with intuitive controls, ensuring an optimal gaming experience for all players.

Fivem scoreboard | Scoreboard Script for fivem. Controller friendly! Dpad up or F10 to open the Scoreboard by default.

Fivem Scoreboard is a meticulously designed script that offers a comprehensive and efficient player monitoring system for your gaming server. With its emphasis on performance optimization and user convenience, this scoreboard enhances your gameplay experience without compromising server resources.

This feature-packed script provides real-time information on players, highlighting their individual ping and assigning colors based on their connection quality. By visually representing ping variations, you can quickly identify players with stronger or weaker connections, fostering a fair and balanced gaming environment.

The Fivem Scoreboard is not only performance-driven but also controller-friendly. You can effortlessly access it by pressing the Dpad up or using the default F10 keybind. This intuitive design ensures seamless navigation, allowing you to swiftly monitor player statistics without interrupting your gameplay.

The scoreboard’s lightweight nature guarantees minimal impact on server performance, enabling smoother gameplay for all participants. By efficiently managing resources, the script optimizes server stability, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience for both you and your players.

With Fivem Scoreboard, you can easily keep track of players’ ping and ensure a level playing field. Its user-friendly interface and convenient accessibility make it an invaluable tool for server administrators and players alike. Elevate your Fivem gaming experience with this reliable and efficient score board solution.


  • Light on performance
  • See all player’s ping and color depending on the ping
  • Controller friendly! Dpad up or F10 to open the Scoreboard by default.



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